Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Fame - 2007 Electro Bootleg

One of the coolest in the list of Dee Jay's/ remixland's remixes. I'm gonna mention your site from time to time now. lolz. This is a remix of the famous 80's hit, FAME. The mp3 file is a bulky 20 MB. There's no way you wanted to download an mp3 file that heavy.lolz. But if anyway you like to download it, lemme know, let's ask mr deejay. Now, here's the embedded object...enjoy! Just click to activate the player.
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Note: If the player does not respond click here to listen and download the mp3 file. This is not my upload.

Click HERE to listen in a different window, if the player above didn't play.


CokskiBlue said...

Thanks for the site mention, Kim! Really appreciate it. :)

I really like the music you got here. Thanks for introducing me to this kind of club music. Miss ko na tuloy gumimik! Hehe. :D

kimoy said...

hi coy. I still got alot of files to upload. Well, music of the same kind i guess.lolz

Gimik tayo minsan. :D

Poytee said...

Great music! I just divalicious songs like Fame. Hehe. Super thanks for sharing this. I'm linking you BTW.

kimoy said...

@poytee thanks for droppin by. Im sure still got alot of remixes coming up... just keep in touch. Hope you had a nice day! Stay cool.